Celebrate, Accelerate

Av | 11. januar 2009

ONE is a campaign and advocacy organization who are committed to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa.

In september ’08 ONE showed a short video; Celebrate, Accelerate – at the UN Summit. The film marks the progress on the Millennium Development Goals to date and encourage further, faster commitment going forward.

See the video.

I’ve transcripted the text from the video, so it could be published on Skrivekollektivet. It is still an important message, in 2009 and forward.

Celebrate, Accelerate

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.

Since 1999, you’ve helped put 29 million african children in school. 41 million globally. Celebrate!

Now we’ve got 7 years. 2015. To get at least 33 million more kids in school in Africa. 72 million globally. 2015: Accelerate.

Since 2002. You’ve helped put 2 million more africans on life saving drugs. 3 million globally. Celebrate!

– But. There are 5 million africans and 2 million more globally that are not on AIDS-drugs who need them.

As well as the need to prevent, millions more catching HIV. 2015: Accelerate.

Since 2003, the global fund has distributed 59 million anti-malarial bed nets. Sparking some dramatic cuts in malaria in endemic regions. In the last 2 years, Rwanda and Ethiopia have cut malaria cases and deaths by more than 50 %. Celebrate!

– But, we need to distribute 730 million bed nets to cover the world. 2015: Accelerate.

Since 1990 3,5 million fewer kids die each year. Thanks to basic immunisations saving 9500 kids each day. Celebrate!

– But, still more than 9 million kids die each year from hunger and preventable, treatable, disease. 2015: Accelerate.

In tough times, it takes unity in adversity.

Left, right, north south, east, west, rich, poor, girl, boy, pope, rockstar, politican, private sector, mother, father, doctor, nurse, teacher, student, young, old. All voices, all faiths. All walks of life. All around the world. Altogether, as one.

Make the millenium development goals, the millenium generation’s goals.

– Celebrate, accelerate.

Innovate, motivate. Set a date: 2015.

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