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Adding the Viewer Window as a Link

These instructions are useful for WordPress, Edublogs, Facebook and MySpace Users

When you run a live event using CoveritLive’s software, you place our Viewer Window on your site or blog. This is a simple process that works with virtually every publishing tool available. Unfortunately there are a few places that do not allow their users to publish iFrames which is what the Viewer Window sits in. Not to worry, you can still use CoveritLive to run your live event by following these instructions:

  • Your Viewer Window is going to run in its own window instead of being directly embedded on your web/blog page. All you need to do is provide a link for your readers.
  • To get the link for your specific live event, copy ONLY a portion of the embed code we provide when you are building your event. An example is shown below, with the code you will need highlighted in blue. Please note, every live event you build will have its own unique link that will need to be copied and pasted.

NOTE: Do not copy the code in this example. The correct code for your live event will be generated when you are building your event.

    • When your readers click the link, the live event will pop up just like this Instant Replay.

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