Stikkordarkiv: A Single Man

How To Make A Great Book Into A Great Film

Av | 2. oktober 2010

An earlier version of this essay can be found here (Norwegian) *** The art of adapting a book into a film has always fascinated me. In most cases, it’s a lose-lose situation. Literature and film are different art forms with different strengths, and any attempt to simply film the text will inevitably end up diminishing… Les mer »

Why The ‘Mad Men’ Crowd Should Stand Up For ‘A Single Man’

Av | 11. mars 2010

In an ideal world, every new movie could be consumed in a vacuum. It’s what I love about film festivals. There, I have the chance to watch movies without having read anything about them beforehand; no reviews, no box-office reports, maybe not even a list of movies the lead has been in previously. But most… Les mer »