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How To Make A Great Book Into A Great Film

Av | 2. oktober 2010

An earlier version of this essay can be found here (Norwegian) *** The art of adapting a book into a film has always fascinated me. In most cases, it’s a lose-lose situation. Literature and film are different art forms with different strengths, and any attempt to simply film the text will inevitably end up diminishing… Les mer »

‘The Dark Knight’ and Heath Ledger’s Legacy

Av | 14. oktober 2009

I’m not writing this piece because I want to diminish Heath Ledger enigmatic performance as Joker in The Dark Knight in any way. He brought a combination of cartoonish evilness and truly unpredictable darkness to Christopher Nolan’s wonderfully rich reboot of the traditional franchise, proving not only his own impressive range as an actor but… Les mer »